I sometimes get inquiries about acronyms FOI (friend of Indisputably), FOB (friend of the blog), and especially the coveted designation __FOI (___ friend of Indisputably), such as AFOI, BFOI etc.  People want to know what the initial letters stand for.  The answer is whatever you want them to stand for.

For example, I identified Tim Hedeen as an OFOI, which could mean outstanding or outrageous  FOI, or any other type characterized with an adjective beginning with “o” that you or he might assign.

You may be forgiven if you assume that these labels are the result of weighty deliberations in the bloggers’ respective ivory towers, with decisions tabulated by major accounting firms.  Forgiven, but wrong.

In fact, these titles are awarded in the sole and unreviewable discretion of each blogger.  (All decisions are final — unless we change them.)

As far as I am concerned, if you subscribe to Indisputably, you are a FOI.  To go a step beyond this plain-vanilla moniker and deserve the prized ___FOI label, you can post comments, agreeing with, elaborating, quibbling with, or flat out disagreeing with posts.

I mean what kind of friends never write, never call?

Alas, our spam filter has a hard time distinguishing friend from foe.  So if you post a comment and it hasn’t been approved within a day, let us know and we will fish it out and have a word with our spam detector.

John Lande is the Isidor Loeb Professor Emeritus and former director of the LLM Program in Dispute Resolution, at the University of Missouri, School of Law. He received his J.D. from Hastings College of Law and Ph.D in sociology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is also an avid writer and contributor to